Thermal Jade Palm Massager – Jade Thermal

Thermal Jade Palm Massager – Jade Thermal uniquely designed deluxe for sale and enjoy yourself comfortable and relax.

Box dimension 48.5cm length x 17cm width x 17cm height

The Thermal massager can be used on your Shoulder, Arm, Back, Neck Vertebra, Calf and Leg.


  • Relieve pain and relax your body through deep massage Tapping.
  • The strong percussion action and the role of heavy beat.
  • Lightweight and convenient for easy handling.
  • Technology comfortable that imitate the technique of a professional masseur.
  • Palm-size of the area of traditional Chinese massage therapy herbal hot compress.
  • No hole in the open, long handle streamline design.
  • Adopt Chinese Xiu Jade massage heads to modern technology of infrared rays.
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Aerodynamic slip handle and portability
  • To eliminate fatigue and relax tense muscles caused by fierce physical movement



  • Please insert the plug into the socket.
  • Please make sure the power is off before use.
  • Turn the switch and adjust the speed, the top is high and lowspeed is low.

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Precautions & Safety Measures

  • Please keep this equipment away from fire.
  • Do not run the massager on the bed or comforter footcloth all times to avoid taking fire.
  • Do not keep near your eyes or sensitive body parts.
  • Use it after a meal about an hour. Drink water before use.
  • Do not use near water.

About WholesalePendant

We are one of the largest supplier of Scalar Energy, Health and Natrual health products in the world. We have a vast base of dealers and franchisees around the globe in various countries. We also have our major offices located in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and China. All our products are sold with money back guarantee.
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2 Responses to Thermal Jade Palm Massager – Jade Thermal

  1. Karen says:

    HOla compre el producto jade termica de palm massager, no se puede usar directamente en la piel? veo en las fotos que tienen ropa de por medio…..
    se puede usar con cremas reductoras o geles criogenos aplicando directamente en la piel, o tengo que poner ropa?

  2. Se puede utilizar con o sin ropa

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