Portable Vibrating Back Massager

The function of this product is: Massage Realizing emulation and accumulated for each direction

maximize the overall level of massage of the back legs and waist, etc.


Deluxe Portable Vibration Back Massager

Four pieces of emulation massage heads

The fabric is breathable and comfortable elastic

Relax meridian channels and accelerate blood circulation

Release pressure and relieve fatigue

Relieve back pain

Strong effect focusing on the strengths of the body

Comes with heating function

It has a portable hand strap is very comfortable to use and a full body massage

Operating Procedure

Connect the adapter to the product and then plug the adapter into the electrical outlet.

Press the button to connect to the current, start working and then press the power button to start the heating function

After 10 minutes, turn off automatically.

After use, please turn off the switch, disconnect the power cord.

Maintenance and Storage

Please be sure to disconnect the power adapter from the wall outlet before cleaning the massage cushion

Please do not use benzene, solvents, corrosives, solvents, others in the messaging platform

If not used for a long period of time, stored in a dry and dust free.

Do not store in high temperatures or fire.

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Techinical Specifications

Input : AC100 – 240 V

Output: DC12V 3A

Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ

POWER: ≤ 40W


About WholesalePendant

We are one of the largest supplier of Scalar Energy, Health and Natrual health products in the world. We have a vast base of dealers and franchisees around the globe in various countries. We also have our major offices located in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and China. All our products are sold with money back guarantee.
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