Slim Belt Fitness Massager – Weight Loss


Patented Dual Power Stone “is a brilliant invention, the double point massage capital Duichen it’s two separate massage provides a good balanced, walking in your stomach, buttocks, thighs and other areas more effectively bombardment of unnecessary fat.

Dual Power Stone also give you a massage like no other in harmony, to return to work after a hard day’s well-deserved relaxation. You can feel the difference instantly, because the oscillating motion is different from traditional to rely on the device itself is just vibration.

As the warm air circulation is important that, around the contact, sit down, feeling the blood circulation to improve the charge. Get rid of lactic acid, reducing muscle fatigue with this exclusive heating function.

Your personal uZap is well-coded heat balance method, “the band 4 ventilation outlets to allow the installation of the heat quickly in order to maintain optimum performance while you ZAP. Here is an Introduction video for slim belt fitness massager.



● Tummy

● Buttock

● Neck / shoulders / upper back

● Thigh

● Lower back

● Remove extra grease in stomach, thigh & waist

● Calves

●Stimulate breast nerve network, make breast powerful.

●Remove beer stomach.

●Make your body healthy and thin.

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● Be sure to clean the front of the oscillations with the power adapter to remove the wall

● Do not use benzene, thinners, solvents or any abrasive belt oscillation

● Use a damp cloth to clean the oscillation

● Oscillation designed and built with the interview. It does not require periodic lubrication or maintenance required

● Keep the air intake vents lint, hair, y.

● When not using for a while, it is desirable, fluctuations in the AC adapter into an environment free from dust and moisture, storage

● Do not store near heat or open band oscillation of the flame.

● Do not let the sun for a long period of oscillation of the band.


About WholesalePendant

We are one of the largest supplier of Scalar Energy, Health and Natrual health products in the world. We have a vast base of dealers and franchisees around the globe in various countries. We also have our major offices located in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and China. All our products are sold with money back guarantee.
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