Quantum Necklace | Gold Plates Design with CZ Stone


Tungsten is rare and exotic metals can be permanently polished. If you have gold, silver or platinum jewelry, you will find them varying degrees of scratches or surface markers, with tungsten carbide bracelet, you will often see them with a great luster. Tungsten bracelets are usually heavy, great Polish last a long time. Tungsten is harder than 18K gold 10 times and 5 times harder than steel and four times harder than titanium.

Benefits of FIR Stone & Germanium

– experiencing stiffness or pain in the back, shoulders or neck.
– having numbness and muscular ache of arms or fingers.
– Sleeping disorder, stress and Anxiety attacks etc.
– working long hours with electromagnetic devices such as
computers, mobile phones.
– having poor blood circulation.

Prolong Wearing Germanium Jewelry may help in:

– help in body and mind relaxation.
– increase alertness.
– promote a sense of well-being.
– neutralization of free radical.
– energises a person.
– Improve blood circulation.
– removing toxins and other wastes in body.
– Discharge of Toxics and other wastes in body.
– Increase sports performance and stamina.
– Increase Alertness.
Commonly used germanium bracelet or quantum necklace as a therapy, it is cheap, non-invasive and non-toxic, medical methods used worldwide.

Benefits of Magnetic Stone

Using plethysmography, a method to measure blood flow in the fingers, experts have shown increased blood flow by as much as 300% when the finger is subjected to a magnetic field for five minutes or more. This accelerates the increase of the capillary circulation in the fluid exchange: bringing more fresh, oxygenated blood in the area, flushing lactic acid and other pain causing chemistry at a faster rate.

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Benefits of Negative Ions Stone

You may be confused with the word negative. Do not be confused. We need negative ions in our body. If you feel lazy, tired, depressed and angry all the time, then you may need a good dose of negative ions. You may have too many positive ions in your body that are transferred through the use of electronic devices, including mobile phones, laptops, stereos, television, etc. We have a balance of fixed ions. It’s as if you need to recharge.

Our environment is filled with electrically charged ions or particles. Negative ions are good and positive ions are bad and that is why many people buy scalar energy pendants to more negative ions in your body.


About WholesalePendant

We are one of the largest supplier of Scalar Energy, Health and Natrual health products in the world. We have a vast base of dealers and franchisees around the globe in various countries. We also have our major offices located in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and China. All our products are sold with money back guarantee.
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